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Scratch produced by a single-point diamond tip (0.2 micrometer radius, 400 g-f normal force) on an experimental alpha-beta Ti-W alloy that contains 7.5 percent of TiC hard particles. It was part of a study of the relationship between grindability and abrasive wear which was reported in the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, v. 18 no. 4, 2008. The optical photomicrograph was taken under differential interference contrast imaging conditions by P. Blau of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. 

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Abrasive wear, Sliding Wear, Biotribology, Ceramics/ceramic composites, Metals/metal matrix composites, Polymers/polymer matrix composites, Coatings/surface treatments, Erosion/cavitation/impact wear, Gouging, Fretting wear, Industrial problems/solutions, Lubricated wear scuffing/scuffing/rolling wear, Modelling/simulation, Tribocorrosion.

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