International Conferences on Wear of Materials

WOMYearLocationGeneral ChairGuest EditorsVolume Numbers
1st1977St. Louis, MO, USAK. LudemaK.C. Ludema, W.A. Glaeser, S.K. RheeProceedings *
2nd1979Dearborn, MI, USAK. LudemaK.C. Ludema, W.A. Glaeser, S.K. RheeProceedings *
3rd1981San Francisco, CA, USAS. K. RheeK.C. Ludema, S.K. Rhee, A.W. RuffProceedings *
4th1983Reston, VA, USAW. A. GlaeserK.C. LudemaProceedings *
5th1985Vancouver BC, CANA. W. RuffK.C. LudemaProceedings *
6th1987Houston, TX, USAS. BahadurK.C. LudemaProceedings *
7th1989Denver, CO, USAR. G. BayerK.C. LudemaProceedings *
8th1991Orlando, FL, USAD. A. RigneyK.C. Ludema, R.G. BayerProceedings *
9th1993San Francisco, CA, USAO. VingsboK.C. Ludema, R.G. Bayer, D. Dowson162-164 (Parts A, B)
10th1995Cambridge, MA, USAJ. Larsen-BasseK.C. Ludema, R.G. Bayer181-183 (Parts I, II)
11th1997San Diego, CA, USAP. J. BlauD. Rigney, R.G. Bayer203-204
12th1999Atlanta, GA, USAS. DanylukD. Rigney, R.G. Bayer225-229 (Parts 1, 2)
13th2001Vancouver BC, CANH. M. HawthorneD. Rigney, R.G. Bayer250-251 (Parts 1, 2)
14th2003Washington, DC, USAS. M. HsuP.J. Blau, R.G. Bayer255 (No. 1-6, 7-12)
15th2005San Diego, CA, USAA. WangP.J. Blau, S.J. Shaffer259 (No. 1-6, 7-12)
16th2007Montreal QB, CANJ. A. HawkK.C. Ludema, S.J. Shaffer263 (No. 1-6, 7-12)
17th2009Las Vegas, NV, USAS. J. ShafferK.C. Ludema, S.J. Shaffer267 (No. 1-4, 5-8)
18th2011Philadelphia, PA, USAS. J. ShafferK.C. Ludema, S.J. Shaffer271 (No. 9, 10)
19th2013Portland, OR, USAS. PrasadP.J. Blau301-302 (No. 1, 2)
20th2015Toronto, ON, CanadaP. FilipA. Fischer330-333
21st2017Long Beach, California, USAC. SchwartzA. Fischer376-377 (Parts A, B)
22nd2019Miami, Florida, USAT. ScharfM. Dienwiebel426-427 (Parts A, B)
23rd 2021 Virtual  S. Sundararajan M. Dienwiebel 476-477

*Prior to 1993, WOM proceedings were published by ASME, New York, as stand-alone, bound volumes. If you are interested in any of these articles, please contact Thomas Scharf (